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The Return of Flip Phones

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By Arjun Mody For years, foldable technology has been categorized as something from the future. The thought of being able to fold your phone like a piece of paper seemed like pure science fiction. There were flip phones, but the need for physical keyboards essentially halved the screen sizes and doubled the thickness of these […]

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Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Libra Draws Controversy

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By Yash Deshmukh Facebook’s announced cryptocurrency, Libra, has made quite the splash since it was first announced. For starters, it is already more well-known among the public than any other crypto besides Bitcoin. That includes staples of the cryptocurrency world, such as Litecoin and Ethereum, both of which have been around for years. While masses […]

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Crypto Currency Silicon Valley Tech

Facebook to Launch Cryptocurrency

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By Yash Deshmukh Facebook. This web-based tech giant has become a household name over the past 15 years. Many associate it with social media, photo-sharing, and due to recent events, a danger to personal privacy. However, through acquisitions and mergers, Facebook has bled into multiple other industries, such as fitness, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. […]

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Strong Potential for Tech IPOs in 2019

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By Rajan Vazirani and Rohan Gupta In past months, a plethora of tech startups have hinted at going public in 2019, but concerns regarding trade, the longest recorded government shutdown in history, and general uncertainty regarding the fate of the U.S. economy and stock market may have hindered these IPOs from being filed in the […]

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Summary of the Blockchain Connect Conference

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By Rohan Gupta The Blockchain Connect Conference on January 26th at the Palace of the Fine Arts featured speakers from all fields in the blockchain world.  From Charlie Lee to Andy Tang to Prof. Shoucheng Zhang, the roster of speakers did not disappoint the attendees.  Blockchain Connect brought together blockchain leaders from China and the […]