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Fiona Ma on Managing California’s Finances and Overcoming Challenges in Office

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On October 22nd, 2020, the Amador Valley Investment Club hosted Fiona Ma in a virtual guest speaking session. Fiona Ma is the 34th and current State Treasurer of California. She has had a renowned career in public service, having been involved with many initiatives and committees in California’s government. She is the former Chair of […]

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University Endowments Explained

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In a capitalist society, money is power to businesses. Institutions that generate revenue — for-profits and non-profits, corporations and single-employee businesses, farms and automobile factories alike — eventually need to achieve solvency to be sustainable long-term. The economy cycles between periodic highs and periodic lows, and as much as businesses may want to prolong periods […]

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Financial Crisis Breakdown Part Two: The Collapse of the Market

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After the introduction of subprime mortgage-backed securities, investors were throwing their money into the U.S. housing market and housing prices began to rise. The newly relaxed lending regulations and low interest rates drove housing prices higher, making the MBS and CDO seem like even better investments. They figured that even if the borrower defaulted on […]