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Intro to Index Funds

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You may have heard of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ, or the S&P 500. These are called stock market indices, and they measure the U.S. economy’s health and performance through the stock market. As the American economy thrives, so do these indices. As the economy heads into a downturn, so does the stock […]

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Investors Play a Crucial Role in the Economy

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Society loathes the investor, and it’s quite clear why. They seem to profit off pure luck and others’ hard work. Very tellingly, their income legally unearned. Additionally, their irresponsibility and greed caused the Great Depression and the Great Recession. That resulted in a fervent anti-Wall Street movement. But in reality, they actually render a great […]

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The United States Can No Longer Ignore a Growing Debt Crisis

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As the U.S. debt continues to increase, the country cannot continue to ignore unchecked federal spending and increasing student debt. According to Just Facts, government debt alone is equal to 105% of U.S. GDP and “617% of annual federal revenues.” By 2050, U.S. debt will likely reach 250% of gross domestic product. So, as the […]

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Intro to Macroeconomics

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When you think of the word “macroeconomy,” you likely think of a magnified economy. Perhaps you think of the economy of a nation or even the entire world. This is the right idea. The macroeconomy is a certain economic institution or system that operates on a large scale. Macroeconomics is the study of this economy as […]

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The WH’s Corporate Tax Goal May Not Be Achievable

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Throughout the Donald Trump presidential campaign, a common narrative that was pushed was to simplify the tax code. This plan included the narrowing of the income tax into four brackets. It also included changing the corporate tax rate to 15%, regardless of the size of the business. On Tuesday, September 12th, statements from Treasury Secretary […]