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What’s Next For Investors

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Year to date the S&P 500, a standard benchmark for growth in the investment community, has hit record highs by reaching an 18.67% return (as of 7/9/19), signaling strong economic growth at the heart of the United States economy. The impressive growth exemplified by the S&P 500 is just one indicator of a robust US […]

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The Status of Government Bonds

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When the stock market gets more volatile, investors often turn to bonds, particularly government bonds. Since governments are typically reliable debtors, people can expect an almost guaranteed, while smaller, sum to be returned to them eventually. Bonds often serve as an appropriate indicator of how stable the economy is. In a cyclical way, when people […]

Economy People

Gordon Chang and the Chinese Dot-Com Bubble

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As a Chinese-American columnist, blogger, commentator, author, and lawyer, Gordon Chang has used his influence to spread his views on the state of global economics. He’s best known for his controversial beliefs about China’s complex balance of a communist government with capitalistic policies. Background Information Born in New Jersey, Gordon Chang attended Cornell University and […]