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Game Theory and the US-China Trade War

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The US/China trade war has quickly escalated as a result of new tariffs and the threat of increasing existing ones. Both countries continuously retaliate against each other for what they believe to be unfair trade practices. The trade war has had an impact on all countries involved, triggering inflation and reducing international trade by 65%. […]

Economy Education

Intro to Deflation

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Inflation (the increase in prices and decrease in purchasing power; how much a dollar is worth) is widely known to be the scourge of savers, retirees, and workers, notorious for obliterating savings and piling up debt. But inflation’s lesser-known cousin poses an even greater risk to economies: deflation. Today, we’ll take a look at deflation […]

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Intro to Game Theory

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What do going to the movies, chess, rock-paper-scissors, football, and international trade have in common? The answer is game theory. What many people may view as normal occurrences may in fact be part of an intricate web of decision-making from many people. Most people associate game theory with the Prisoner’s dilemma or the Nash equilibrium. […]


COVID-19’s Impact on Small Businesses

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A surge of unemployment has shaken the US economy in light of COVID-19. American businesses, small and large, are experiencing record-low sales, record-high layoffs, and a six-month forecast that is anything but certain. In order to subdue the coronavirus outbreak, public health officials are telling Americans to wear a mask, avoid face-to-face contact, and shelter-in-place. […]