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Our names are Rohan Gupta, Alex Patel, Rajan Vazirani, and Sean Choi, and we are the co-founders of StreetFins™, and we’re glad you are here!  First, we’d like to congratulate you on coming to this website and for being willing to learn finance! It’s never too early or too late to learn how to be financially literate!

The Problem — Financial Illiteracy

Having the ability to understand finance is undoubtedly one of the most important skills of the 21st century. However, every day we hear about how many Americans aren’t able to properly manage their money, getting deep into debt, and giving up on their dreams of financial stability and success. In fact, according to many reports, rates of financial literacy for American teens rank very low compared to other countries. Many of us don’t understand how to save or manage debt. Even fewer understand things like the stock market or monetary policy. Many people — especially those in our younger generations — are struggling to navigate the world of finance.

We have had the privilege of learning finance early on. But we know that not all of us have resources to learn it. Finance can seem intimidating to learn at first, with all the big numbers and confusing industry jargon scaring away those who want to learn. All this contributes to a lack of interest amongst students and younger people to learn finance.

Many who lack a fundamental understanding of finance, especially personal finance in the United States are missing car payments, extending their earliest possible date of retirement, and increasingly relying on loans. Possibly already facing the crippling pressures of student loan debt, the burden of more and more expenses that must be paid off can financially ruin someone. This is exactly what is happening to millions of Americans, and this can be prevented through financial literacy.

The Importance of Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is especially important in a consumer-oriented society such as the United States. Marketing is an incredibly large industry in this country because the American consumer buys the latest products and technologies. Thus, America has some of the highest global levels of consumer debt, specifically, credit card debt. In this way, financial literacy is especially important in teaching the basics of investing and saving for the future. The latest iPhone is now, but it cannot be purchased at the expense of saving for retirement.

When children are exposed to financial concepts, as simple as saving money and earning interest, they have formulated early ideas about money. What purpose does it serve? Rather than having them figure it out on their own, they will already be predisposed to good financial habits. If students are exposed to the financial basics of adulthood — how credit cards work, how bills work, and the basics of taxes — they will be much more likely to make smarter financial decisions in the future. They will also understand the underpinnings that define the financial system. Students won’t be confused when they have to file taxes for the first time. They won’t need help when their first credit card bill arrives.

As a society, we should not take financial literacy for granted. It is not simply a skill that can be picked up instantaneously, or even over a long period of time, without ample help. There has to be guidance — from parents or educators. When they want to learn more, there should be an online presence or resource to turn to.

The Solution — StreetFins

We started StreetFins in order to solve all the problems our generation is facing when we try learning finance. At StreetFins, we’re on a mission to end financial illiteracy. By creating content and resources that truly simplify topics in finance, investing, and economics, we hope to educate our fellow peers and help them become more financially literate. All of our articles, videos, lessons, and other resources are made by students, for students, because we can understand each other better. Together, we know we can master money and live financially stable lives.

We hope now you feel more encouraged and excited to learn finance! If you have any questions or just want to get in touch with us, please email info@streetfins.com! We’d love to hear from you!

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Rohan, Alex, Rajan, and Sean

Co-founders of StreetFins

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