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What Top Finance Leaders and Experts Teach Their Kids About Money

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Along with relationships, finance and money management is the one topic parents dread to talk to their kids about the most. While parents may be able to talk to their children about the basics of savings, discussions typically stop at that. Only about 30% of parents talk to their kids about investing money and saving […]

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Gamifying Savings: Prize-Linked Savings Accounts

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If you watch the YouTube videos by the popular real estate investor Graham Stephan, you’ve likely heard of a start-up called Yotta Savings. In this non-sponsored video, Stephan discusses an angel investment he made in Yotta, which is a start-up offering prize-linked savings accounts (PLSAs). PLSAs engage account holders in savings lotteries — by consigning […]

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University Endowments Explained

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In a capitalist society, money is power to businesses. Institutions that generate revenue — for-profits and non-profits, corporations and single-employee businesses, farms and automobile factories alike — eventually need to achieve solvency to be sustainable long-term. The economy cycles between periodic highs and periodic lows, and as much as businesses may want to prolong periods […]

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Intro to Automated Money Management

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Over the past decade, technology and automation have disrupted many industries, from automotives to manufacturing. Recently, it has made its presence known in the wealth management industry, with the rise of automated money management. Allow me to introduce automated money management (AMM), an industry on the cutting edge of financial planning and the future. AMM […]