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Webvan: The Dotcom Bubble’s Biggest Bust

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This post originally comes from BrainFeed.co. Webvan was one of the first online grocery stores and is among the most famous Dotcom Bubble busts. The company raised nearly a billion dollars from investors, but went bankrupt after just two years of operations. Webvan’s strategy of “growth at any cost” was characteristic of many failed Dotcom Bubble companies. Same […]

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Starlink: How SpaceX’s Global Internet Is Changing The Game

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Imagine you’re in the middle of nowhere, hundreds of miles away from civilization. This scenario would probably be easier for you to picture if you think back to a time when you were completely without internet — no Wi-Fi, no mobile data, nothing. Now imagine that this was the situation you lived in every single […]

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Intro to Venture Capital

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Google, Apple, and PayPal all started with brilliant solutions to everyday problems. But solutions alone aren’t what pays employees, funds marketing, and boosts production. When a founder of an innovative startup needs money to grow, they go to a specific category of institutional investors known as venture capitalists (VC) who provide funding in exchange for […]

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Week of 10/5/2020 Recap

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1. Stocks Firing On All Cylinders U.S. equities have continued to rise amidst talk of a $1.8 trillion stimulus package endorsed by President Trump. However, opposing takes from both Democrats and Senate Republicans threaten to derail the package. The S&P 500 closed at $3,477.13, approaching its all-time high at $3,588.11. The Dow Jones and NASDAQ […]