texas exodus

The Coastal “Tex-odus”

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By now, most have heard of several high-profile people and companies moving from California and New York to Texas. Prior to the pandemic, Texas was already experiencing a boom in both population and economic activity. Numerous companies such as Apple and Google already had plans to set up offices that would employ hundreds in up-and-coming […]

electric vehicles

Domestic and International Electric Vehicle Markets Heading Into 2021

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During the latter half of 2020, the electric vehicle market has experienced unprecedented growth, both domestically and internationally. Tesla’s ever-increasing dominance has owned both markets since the first quarter. But recently, the American titan is facing reputable competition in companies from the world’s largest electric vehicle market: China. Wedford describes this international stock rally best […]

finance for kids
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What Top Finance Leaders and Experts Teach Their Kids About Money

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Along with relationships, finance and money management is the one topic parents dread to talk to their kids about the most. While parents may be able to talk to their children about the basics of savings, discussions typically stop at that. Only about 30% of parents talk to their kids about investing money and saving […]