EP 27 — Simplifying Value Investing Part 1 with Joel Greenblatt of Gotham Funds

EP 27 — Simplifying Value Investing Part 1 with Joel Greenblatt of Gotham Funds

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In this episode, hosts Rohan Gupta and Alex Patel talk to Joel Greenblatt, co-founder and co-CIO of Gotham Funds and the author of several bestsellers on investing, about value investing. We delve into topics like the basics of value investing, contrarianism, viewing history, perceptions of risk, and much more!

Check out the episode to learn about value investing in a simplified way!

Joel Greenblatt is the Managing Principal and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Gotham Asset Management. He founded Gotham Capital in 1985, and has also been a professor on the adjunct faculty at Columbia Business School teaching “Value and Special Situation Investing”. He’s the author of You Can Be A Stock Market Genius, The Little Book that Beats the Market, The Little Book that Still Beats the Market, The Big Secret for the Small Investor, and Common Sense: The Investor’s Field Guide to Equality, Opportunity, and Growth. He previously served on the Investment Board at the University of Pennsylvania. Joel earned both his bachelor’s and MBA from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania.

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