StreetFins and BrainFeed Partner

StreetFins and BrainFeed Partner

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We are thrilled to announce that StreetFins and BrainFeed have agreed to a content partnership that helps both organizations achieve their goals. This content partnership will involve cross-promotion and joint content development, helping to increase the scope of both organizations.

BrainFeed is a free, tri-weekly email that helps lifelong learners of all ages continue their education and understand the world’s most important topics in entertaining, 4-minute bites. Each email dives into one important topic, from How Black Holes Work, to The Impact of the Treaty of Versailles, to The Difference Between Monet and Manet. Through this partnership, BrainFeed will work with StreetFins to create content focused on finance and investing that will be available on both platforms. 

StreetFins, founded in 2017, is a financial news and education organization that aims to end financial illiteracy through empowering students to learn finance in a simple and understandable way while also providing students with a platform in which they can teach other students. StreetFins achieves this goal through a financial news platform where students write articles and create content for other students and through a network of school clubs focused on financial education. By partnering with BrainFeed, StreetFins will now have access to more simplified and educational content and the ability to reach more readers, scaling their efforts towards financial education for youth in the United States. 

StreetFins co-founder, and USC freshman, Rohan Gupta comments, “I’m very excited to work with Joey and BrainFeed. What they’re doing is not just very cool but also very important as helping people with their general education will undoubtedly help people get smarter. We’re excited to give and receive support to this new game-changing newsletter”.

“We are very excited to work with StreetFins”, explains Joey Lackman, founder of BrainFeed. “A solid grasp of finance is important for everyone’s general knowledge. By working with StreetFins, we aim to help our readers learn, or refresh, important financial topics that will help them better understand how the world works”.

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