StreetFins and Youth Finance Alliance Merge

StreetFins and Youth Finance Alliance Merge

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StreetFins and the Youth Finance Alliance have agreed to merge all operations to provide a unified financial news and education service. The Youth Finance Alliance’s club network and initiatives will be consolidated to operate under the StreetFins brand and the StreetFins website.

The Youth Finance Alliance, based in the California Bay Area, is a network of finance focused high school clubs. It was founded by Rahul Rangaraaj in August 2020. Mainly centered around the East and South Bay, the YFA has 12 member schools and an active community of hundreds of students. The expertise that the Youth Finance Alliance has gained in expanding and establishing the club network will serve as an asset to StreetFins moving forward. Through this merger, both parties are better enabled to accomplish a common goal of increasing financial education among the next generation.

StreetFins, founded in 2017, is a financial news and education organization that aims to end financial illiteracy through empowering students to learn finance in a simple and understandable way while also providing students with a platform in which they can teach other students. StreetFins achieves this goal through a financial news platform where students write articles and create content for other students and through a network of school clubs focused on financial education. By unifying operations with the Youth Finance Alliance, StreetFins will be able to scale all its efforts to achieve its mission of global student financial literacy and participation.

Rohan Gupta, co-founder of StreetFins, comments, “I am beyond excited to welcome the team behind the Youth Finance Alliance to StreetFins to have them help us achieve our goals to promote financial literacy amongst students. Rahul and the team are extremely smart and talented and have what it takes to grow our club network. StreetFins was always meant to be run by students, so having Rahul lead StreetFins’s club division is a testament to our core belief in the potential for students to enact their amazing visions.” Rohan is a freshman at USC.

“Merging with StreetFins provides us the opportunity to combine the wonderful communities that we have already built throughout the years. We hope, in collaboration with StreetFins, to reach a wider audience and inspire more students to start and grow their own finance clubs, ” explains Rahul Rangaraaj. Rahul is a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School.

StreetFins will continue to be student-led and student-focused in regards to all future content. Learn more at

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