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Week of 10/5/2020 Recap

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1. Stocks Firing On All Cylinders U.S. equities have continued to rise amidst talk of a $1.8 trillion stimulus package endorsed by President Trump. However, opposing takes from both Democrats and Senate Republicans threaten to derail the package. The S&P 500 closed at $3,477.13, approaching its all-time high at $3,588.11. The Dow Jones and NASDAQ […]

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Marginal Tax Rates

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With tax season quickly approaching, many Americans are yet again faced with the daunting task of filing their returns. Taxes are nearly always given a bad reputation. This is due to their confusing nature and the incredibly mysterious tax laws that the United States currently has. However, understanding the tax system of one’s country is […]

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Alternatives to Stocks

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With the stock market reaching record highs, many investors have good reason to be worried about a potential correction. With an unstable political climate and an unceasing US-China Trade War, the Dow’s continued ascent towards 30,000 appears to be part of a growing bubble. Yet, inflation numbers continue to hover around 1.8% annually. If investors […]

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What Recent IPOs May Be Telling Us About the Economy

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If you follow the financial news, you’re probably familiar with the recently called-off WeWork initial public offering, or IPO, for short. With a valuation that reached levels as high as $47 billion and balance sheets indicating a company hemorrhaging cash, WeWork’s plan had all the indications of the 1999-era excess and technology bubble. With a […]