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What Top Finance Leaders and Experts Teach Their Kids About Money

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Along with relationships, finance and money management is the one topic parents dread to talk to their kids about the most. While parents may be able to talk to their children about the basics of savings, discussions typically stop at that. Only about 30% of parents talk to their kids about investing money and saving […]


Intro to Behavioral Finance

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I predict that in the not-too-distant future, the term “behavioral finance” will be correctly viewed as a redundant phrase. What other kind of finance is there? Richard Thaler, Founding Father of Behavioral Finance Investors often make irrational choices when managing their portfolio investments. Such choices are fueled by an array of fears that the human […]


Humans Versus Econs

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In any introductory economics course, one of the first things you will be told is that in economic theory, people are “rational actors” or “econs”. Econs are people who make the optimal choice based on calculated costs and benefits. Simple enough, right? But the problem with making this assumption is that the vast majority of […]