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Intro to Automated Money Management

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Over the past decade, technology and automation have disrupted many industries, from automotives to manufacturing. Recently, it has made its presence known in the wealth management industry, with the rise of automated money management. Allow me to introduce automated money management (AMM), an industry on the cutting edge of financial planning and the future. AMM […]


Intro to Index Funds

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You may have heard of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ, or the S&P 500. These are called stock market indices, and they measure the U.S. economy’s health and performance through the stock market. As the American economy thrives, so do these indices. As the economy heads into a downturn, so does the stock […]


Robinhood: A Simple Platform to Begin Your Investing Career

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According to Robinhood, “Getting started with a small amount of money is better than not investing at all.” This statement greatly reflects why you should begin your investing career in Robinhood. Offering free trades, a strategy that pressured many brokerages to cut commissions, and an easily understandable stock trading platform, Robinhood is quickly becoming the […]