Kamala Harris and LIFT

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On the evenings of June 26th and 27th, millions of Americans tuned in to NBC News for the first 2020 Democratic presidential debates. By the end of night two, the fierce clash between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had made headline news. Although many now know of Harris, the California senator has distinguished herself for […]


Elizabeth Warren and Student Debt

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If you are following the 2020 presidential election news, you’ve probably heard of Elizabeth Warren and her stance on student debt. Considered a front-runner in the Democratic presidential primaries, Warren has openly voiced her opinions on corruption and transparency in politics and business. Recently, though, Warren’s stance on student debt has become more and more […]


Income Share Agreements

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With the total student debt rising to all-time highs around $1.6 Trillion, many college students are afraid to take on debt to pay for college out of fears it will be too big a financial burden. Students are often looking for alternative ways to pay for college, and one such alternative has been garnering attention […]