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Intro to Venture Capital

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Google, Apple, and PayPal all started with brilliant solutions to everyday problems. But solutions alone aren’t what pays employees, funds marketing, and boosts production. When a founder of an innovative startup needs money to grow, they go to a specific category of institutional investors known as venture capitalists (VC) who provide funding in exchange for […]

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What Recent IPOs May Be Telling Us About the Economy

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If you follow the financial news, you’re probably familiar with the recently called-off WeWork initial public offering, or IPO, for short. With a valuation that reached levels as high as $47 billion and balance sheets indicating a company hemorrhaging cash, WeWork’s plan had all the indications of the 1999-era excess and technology bubble. With a […]


Gordon Chang and the Chinese Dot-Com Bubble

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As a Chinese-American columnist, blogger, commentator, author, and lawyer, Gordon Chang has used his influence to spread his views on the state of global economics. He’s best known for his controversial beliefs about China’s complex balance of a communist government with capitalistic policies. Background Information Born in New Jersey, Gordon Chang attended Cornell University and […]