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Intro to Automated Money Management

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Over the past decade, technology and automation have disrupted many industries, from automotives to manufacturing. Recently, it has made its presence known in the wealth management industry, with the rise of automated money management. Allow me to introduce automated money management (AMM), an industry on the cutting edge of financial planning and the future. AMM […]

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Coronavirus: Creating An Economic Pandemic

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Originating in Wuhan, China, the coronavirus epidemic has headlined international news for the better part of the last two months. Global health concerns over the spread of the virus have been especially heightened with the presence of Lunar New Year celebrations, the virus’s long incubation period, and the fact that Wuhan is a major transportation […]


Black Friday: Holiday Shopping and the American Economy

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As the holiday season approaches, many people turn to spend time with family and spread the spirit of giving. However, another behemoth force lurks beneath the surface of holiday cheer: the holiday shopping season. Traditionally, the holiday shopping season lasts from early November to mid-December. It is headlined by Black Friday, which falls on the […]

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Purchasing Power Parity

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Imagine the last time you traveled abroad. You may remember hearing that goods and services are “cheaper” than in the country you came from. But how much more can your dollar buy in another country? The answer lies in purchasing parity power (PPP). This method of comparing currencies is commonly used in macroeconomic analysis. It […]

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Currency Manipulation: The Trade War

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The foreign exchange market (FOREX), is the heart that pumps the lifeblood of global trade — currency transactions. Without this facilitator for trade, the era of globalization as we know it would simply not function.  However, what happens when a country purposefully manipulates its currency to gain a competitive advantage in the world of trade? […]

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What’s Next For Investors

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Year to date the S&P 500, a standard benchmark for growth in the investment community, has hit record highs by reaching an 18.67% return (as of 7/9/19), signaling strong economic growth at the heart of the United States economy. The impressive growth exemplified by the S&P 500 is just one indicator of a robust US […]